EP: Professor Jay Nusu Kuzimu Nusu Peponi

 Professor Jay's new EP 'Nusu Kuzimu Nusu Peponi' consists of a total of 4 songs. The English description of each song is as follows:

One. Jay Ft. Professor Walter Chilambo – Siku 462: This song features a collaboration between Professor Jay and Walter Chilambo. It emphasizes the importance of perseverance and perseverance in the challenges and difficulties faced in life. 2. Jay Ft. Professor Alikiba – Calling: This is a song that Professor Jay and Alikiba worked on together. It's about love, longing and wanting to be with someone special. This is a song that showcases the singing skills of both artists and has heartfelt lyrics. 3. Professor Jay – Hayakuhus: This solo song by Professor Jay tells the story of when people try to put someone down and spread negative thoughts. The song emphasizes that you don't let other people's opinions affect your progress.

4. Jay Ft. Professor Ndelah – Shemeji Shemeji: This song features a collaboration between Professor Jay and Ndelah. It's a fun and upbeat song that celebrates the bond between siblings. The lyrics emphasize camaraderie and the joy of forming good relationships with extended family.

Overall, Professor Jay's Nusu Kujimu Nusu Peponi shows his versatility as an artist through his soulful and upbeat songs. The EP combines catchy melodies with deep lyrics, making it a must-listen for fans of Professor Jay and Tanzanian music in general.

Jay Ft. Walter Chilambo – Siku 462 (Mp3 Download)

Professor Jay Ft Alikiba – Calling (Mp3 Download)

Professor Jay – Hayakuhusu (Mp3 Download)

Professor Jay Ft Ndelah – Shemeji Shemeji (Mp3 Download)

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