Zuchu aachana na Diamond Platnumz Rasmi

Zuchu Atangaza Kuachana na Diamond Platnumz Rasmi

 Tanzanian vocalist Zuchu has declared her breakup with  Platnumz in an Instagram post on February 23, 2024.

“I had to post this to clear my conscience,” Zuchu composed. “From nowadays, I and Nasibu are not together. I know this has been our thing, but as difficult because it is to take off somebody you adore, I supplicate typically the conclusion and I can begin a unused life. Adore is regard, and tragically, that was lost between us.”

Zuchu went on to say that she and Platnumz still have work together, and she wished him and his family the finest. “We lived well, but I think this can be not our destiny,” she composed. “This year I have learned to say no to everything that does not donate me bliss. After saying this, I see clearly that I am planning to begin a unused page with a life full of bliss, flexibility, and peace.”

Zuchu finished her post by saying that she is single and centered on her work. 

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